8 Scientific Ways Our Dog Saves Our Life Every Single Day


Dogs are a wonderful source of happiness and joy, as we all know. Even in our lowest moments, they are loyal and loving. Dogs can save lives every day. Want to know the reasons? You can click through to discover the reasons.

1. They can be used to boost mood.

Dogs can increase brain levels of dopamine and serotonin, which are linked to happiness, affection, contentment, and happiness. Spending time with dogs instantly lifts your spirits.

2. They lower our blood pressure.

Research has shown that dogs can lower blood pressure. This is a significant effect on daily life and may even lead to a healthier heart.

3. They get us out of the house.

If we are a homebody who isn’t accustomed to being outside, it may be difficult to get out of bed. Dogs love to be outside and will often bring their best friends along.

4. They boost our immune system.

Surprisingly, doggy breath can actually benefit our health. Intake of germs that aren’t naturally found in our bodies strengthens our immune system and protects us from any future illness.

5. They’re a great support system.

In times of crisis, dogs will not let you down. Our pup will quickly dry our tears after a difficult day at work or a breakup.

6. They can help with more complex health issues.

Dogs can be used to treat medical problems. Dogs are able to predict seizures and drop in blood sugar. They can even detect cancer before humans.

7. They could save our skeleton

It is not enough to drink milk. We need to get regular exercise in order to prevent osteoporosis. Every time our dog begs to go for a walk, or for fetch, she is helping preserve our bones.

8. They can soothe our chronic pain.

People who suffer from chronic pain will know that nothing can soothe a sore, achy body like a cuddled puppy against their stomach.


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