Describe ShopRunner.

ShopRunner is a service that provides customers with free two-day shipping and returns on web orders conducted with particular businesses.

Main Points

You can conduct orders with almost 100 partner stores and receive free two-day delivery and returns with a $79 yearly subscription to ShopRunner.

You can make purchases using the ShopRunner website, its associated mobile app, or the retailer’s website directly.

ShopRunner can be used for comparison shopping and also provides member discounts.

There are negatives to take into account, like return policies between stores and shipping restrictions.

ShopRunner: An Example and Definition

ShopRunner is a business that charges an annual membership fee in return for advantages when you shop online. Free two-day shipping, free returns, special offers, and other unique incentives on orders are among the advantages for subscribers.

For instance, only ShopRunner members may be eligible for discounts from ShopRunner partners on particular items or on orders that total more than a specific amount. Your order must be placed with a retailer that is a part of the ShopRunner network in order to qualify for these advantages.

If you shop online frequently, you’ll probably have to pay expensive shipping and return fees. ShopRunner offers free two-day shipping at around 100 merchants, which can help you save money by preventing unnecessary purchases. ShopRunner collaborates with the following retailers:

  • Bloomingdales
  • Marcus Nieman
  • Athlete Armor
  • Coach
  • ProFlowers
  • Eagle American
  • Fresh
  • City Decay
  • Allbirds
  • Burberry
  • Black Market and White House
  • Karen Walker


Despite the fact that these advantages are listed as “free,” your ShopRunner membership does cost money. It would be more appropriate to say that shipping and returns are provided in addition to your membership fee at no additional cost.

Functions of ShopRunner

You must create an account on the ShopRunner website in order to utilize the service. Although free trials and even free memberships are offered through partnering businesses, an annual subscription costs $79 per person. 3 ShopRunner customers may now join up to four additional family members without paying an additional fee.

After creating an account, you can begin shopping online with one of the ShopRunner network’s merchants. Look for the ShopRunner emblem on items you want to buy while shopping or at the checkout to see whether free two-day shipping is available. You will already be logged in if you used your ShopRunner account to access the retailer’s website. In every other case, you must click the ShopRunner logo and provide your login credentials.

Free two-day delivery will be added to eligible orders once you check in. Your ShopRunner perks might need to meet a minimum purchase threshold at some merchants.

Using the District mobile app, which is a partner to ShopRunner, you may also browse merchandise and make purchases. Your app account will be used to log you in and create free shipping and returns for you.

If you receive your order and decide you don’t like it, you can ship it back to the shop for free using a pre-paid shipping label. By entering into your account, seeing your previous orders, and choosing the relevant order to initiate your return, you may obtain the return label from the ShopRunner website. Always send returns to the merchant rather than ShopRunner.

Please take note that ShopRunner does not offer monthly billing; after the conclusion of your subscription period, you will be charged annually.

Obtaining ShopRunner

There are several methods to join ShopRunner:

  • Via Yahoo or PayPal: If you sign up for ShopRunner online as a member of PayPal or Yahoo!, you might be entitled to a free one-year trial.
  • Making use of your credit card Customers who have a Chase or World Mastercard, as well as a World Elite Mastercard, are eligible for a complimentary one-year subscription from ShopRunner. You can be qualified for a free lifetime membership if you have an American Express credit card (small business and consumer cards issued in the United States). On the ShopRunner website, enter your card details for the relevant card issuer or network.
  • Visit the website: Visit to join up for a free trial or, if one is not available, to buy a subscription.

ShopRunner’s benefits and drawbacks

ShopRunner Pros

  • Special discounts
  • Comparison shopping tool
ShopRunner Cons

  • Differing return policies
  • Limited retailers
  • Shipping restrictions

Pros Presented

In addition to the obvious benefits of free two-day delivery and cost-free returns at specific stores, a ShopRunner membership also offers a number of other benefits.

  • Special savings: Browse through member-only discounts from ShopRunner’s partner stores by visiting the website. In addition to free shipping and returns, you may be able to take advantage of them to save an additional percentage on particular purchases or purchase items at a discount.
  • Use ShopRunner as a comparison shopping tool to learn about the many products being offered by various merchants before deciding which one is best for you.

Cons Explanation

There are certain drawbacks to ShopRunner, as there are with every service. If you’re obtaining a free membership, these are probably not deal-breakers, but if you’re thinking about paying the annual subscription, they might make you hesitate:

  • Divergent return policies: Return policies are a little more complicated to understand than shipping, ranging from “All sales are final” to “Returns allowed within one year.” Additionally, some retailers only issue refunds on goods sold commercially. On the ShopRunner website, you can view a comprehensive list of retail partner policies.
  • Fewer retailers There are around 100 stores featured, but if ShopRunner doesn’t work with your favorite companies, your membership won’t be as useful to you.
  • Shipping limitations The availability of free, two-day shipping will vary by item. To qualify for free shipping and returns, many retailers additionally require that you spend a minimum amount, which is typically between $25 and $59 each order.

Amazon Prime vs. ShopRunner

Both ShopRunner and Amazon Prime have an annual subscription charge and offer free shipping. There are a few important differences to take into account if you have to pick between having a ShopRunner or Amazon Prime membership. You may even decide that you can profit from having both.

Your preferred shopping locations and the kinds of things you want to purchase will determine which subscription service is the greatest fit for you. Name brands like Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, or Peet’s Coffee are the main partners of ShopRunner. If you don’t mind buying most of your goods from third parties, Amazon Prime may be the better option (although Amazon does offer some goods from name brands, too).

Compared to ShopRunner, Amazon Prime has a considerably wider selection of products, including a library of e-books, music, movies, and TV series. ShopRunner solely provides actual things in nine categories, ranging from clothing to home goods, rather than streaming media.

Additionally, there are more free shipping possibilities with Amazon Prime. Your membership entitles you to free one-day or same-day shipping in addition to free two-day shipping. There is no one-day shipping option available on ShopRunner. Nevertheless, a lot of the merchants in the ShopRunner network provide express checkout, enabling one-click ordering. This is akin to the one-click ordering feature offered by Amazon Prime, which is accessible for products that qualify.

When compared to ShopRunner, which charges $79 annually, Amazon’s offerings and expanded shipping options cost $13.9 (plus tax) each month or $14.99 per month (or free in many cases). Similar to ShopRunner, Amazon Prime provides free trials, though usually not for as long as ShopRunner does.

Naturally, there is no reason why you can’t have both, particularly if your credit card offers a free ShopRunner membership. Having both gives you extra free delivery alternatives, preventing you from having to choose between the two (or go to a physical store) to get the things you need right away.

Cost $79 per year, or potentially free. $139 per year.
Benefits Free two-day shipping and returns, and some discounts. Free same-day, one-day, and two-day shipping, and a large streaming library of movies, music, TV shows, and e-books.
Checkout Some retailers offer an express checkout option, but not all. One-click ordering options on desktop and mobile app.
Retailers Mostly well-known chain stores. Amazon or third-party, independent retailers, but carries some name brands.

Does ShopRunner Make Sense?

In the end, there’s no reason not to sign up if your credit card may get you a free ShopRunner membership. Even if the existing merchant partners don’t appeal to you, knowing that you can order a gift and receive it in two days for free could prevent you from having to make the dreaded holiday shopping trip.

If you have to pay for ShopRunner, the membership is worthwhile if you anticipate routinely making purchases from at least one of the partner stores in an amount that exceeds the required minimum. Benefiting from a free trial can lower your spending.

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