How old must you be to join the AARP?

Are you prepared to join the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) and receive an AARP card? While there is no minimum age requirement to join, full membership is only offered to persons who are 50 years of age or older.

You won’t, however, be qualified for all of the AARP’s services or benefits because you are a younger member of the organization. Find out what services the AARP offers and which services are only accessible to older members.

Can You Join AARP When?

Although the AARP caters to adults over the age of 50, anyone can join, and there are discounts and services available. This implies that anyone can join, regardless of age.

If you choose to join the organization early, you won’t be able to take advantage of all of its perks and services. Additionally, vendors are free to set their own specifications, and some limit the age range for receiving discounts to 50 or older. 1

You’ll immediately become a full member after you age 50. At that age, you would be eligible for a wider choice of advantages, such as more savings possibilities and health insurance alternatives.

Younger adults are still eligible for discounts on travel, dining, movie tickets, and other purchases even if some AARP benefits are only available to those who are 50 years old or older.

Benefits for All Ages of AARP Members

The AARP provides its members with a wide range of advantages. Here are some strategies for using your membership to save money.

Travel Savings

You can take advantage of a variety of discounts on travel when you join AARP. For instance, you can cut costs on lodging, travel, and car rentals. Additionally, you can benefit from reduced prices on cruises and holiday packages.

Members may look for and book travel deals in one location through the AARP Travel Center, provided by Expedia, and have access to exclusive savings.

Discounts at restaurants

Your next lunch could cost less if you have an AARP membership. You can receive discounts from it at well-known eateries including Denny’s, Outback Steakhouse, and Bonefish Grill.

Deals vary from company to provider, so always review the most recent terms and conditions. For instance, some restaurants restrict the usage of discounts to dine-in customers and disallow their use for curbside or delivery orders.

Discounts for groceries and shopping

You can find discounts on everyday goods in addition to vacation and dining offers. The UPS Store, Schwan’s Home Delivery, and Shari’s Berries are a few merchants who provide member discounts. You can also get exclusive printable coupons to save even more money.

As you buy online, the AARP Perks browser plugin can help you keep track of possible savings.

Discounts for entertainment

The AARP also provides member discounts on entertainment options like movies. For instance, Regal ePremiere tickets ordered online are eligible for discounts of up to 20%. You can also get a deal on a popcorn and soft drink combo at the concession stand.

Mahjongg, Solitaire, and crossword puzzles are just a few of the online games available on the AARP Games website.

Discounts for health and wellness

Although not all of the benefits in this category are confined to members who are eligible for Medicare, some of them are. For instance, participating optometrists will give you a discount on eye tests, frames, and lenses if you provide your AARP membership card.

A card from OptumRX might help you save money on prescription medications as well. The savings scheme is open to everyone, but AARP members receive a bigger discount.

Discounts for work and jobs

To aid members in developing the necessary employment skills for the modern workplace, the AARP teamed up with MindEdge Learning. You save 40% off the suggested retail price for each online course you buy as a member. Additionally, AARP members are entitled to a free resume evaluation and a discount when they get a resume package from the AARP Resume Advisor.

Discounts for Auto and Gas

Members of AARP are eligible for a discount at Valvoline for a quick oil change as well as a 20% discount on an Allstate Roadside coverage. Increase your savings by connecting your ExxonMobile Rewards account to your AARP membership.


When buying from a partner provider, you can save money if you’re a full member of AARP on things like health, pet, life, house, and car insurance.

Always compare prices when looking for insurance. Don’t just purchase a policy because you receive a discount. Instead, be sure it meets your insurance needs and is a good fit for you.

What Does AARP Membership Cost?

Given all the advantages, you may assume that becoming an AARP member would be expensive. But the price is fairly reasonable. The annual fee is normally $16, but if you choose auto-renewal, the first year will only cost you $12. A multi-year subscription can also help you save money. For instance, five years are available for $63 ($17 savings) and three years for $43 ($5 savings).

Your second household member is also a member. They will receive a unique membership card.

Alternatives to Membership in the AARP

Here are a few well-liked options to take into account.

United States Automobile Association (AAA)

While there aren’t many national groups that offer younger individuals an association similar to AARP, AAA comes close. Although its members also receive savings and discounts on dining, entertainment, travel, and many other areas, roadside assistance is its primary service. Clubs may also provide insurance for your property, life, pets, or other things.

Mature American Citizens Association (AMAC)

AMAC provides members with discounts on entertainment, dining, and travel, just like AARP. Additionally, it has price-discounted partnerships with several insurance companies, credit cards, and other businesses. Although you can join the AMAC as an associate member at any age, you won’t be able to take use of all of the perks until you’re at least 50.

Association for American Seniors

Another group for those over 50 is the American Senior Association. The group chooses goods, services, and perks that enable members to save money by giving them access to special prices on things like travel, insurance, health and wellness items, and more.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

When did AARP eliminate the age restriction?

In the beginning, you had to be 55 to join the AARP. The association lowered the minimum age to 50 in 1984. Although you can now sign up at any age, you won’t be eligible for all of the benefits until you are 50.

What does AARP represent?

The American Association of Retired People is known by the initials AARP. It’s a group whose goal is to make older people’s lives better.

How can I sign up for AARP?

After providing all of your information on an online form and making a payment, you’ll immediately receive a digital copy of your membership card that you may print. While you wait for a physical copy to arrive in the mail, you can utilize this to get discounts.

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