How to Avoid Bad Credit – Throw Away the Credit Card


How to Avoid Bad Credit – Throw Away the Credit Card

When it comes to avoiding bad credit, throwing away the credit card is often one of the best solutions. Here are a few reasons why:

You Can’t Overspend

When you don’t have a credit card you don’t have to worry about spending more than you have. You can only spend what you have in your bank account. That way you won’t start spiral into debt and work your way towards a bad credit score.

Credit Cards Entice You to Spend

Let’s face it – having a credit card in your wallet can be a great way to overspend on items that you don’t need. Credit cards are available to make purchases without requiring you to take out any cash, making it easy to spend unnecessarily.

Credit Card Interest and Fees

Many credit cards come with high interest rates and annual fees, making it even harder to get out of debt. Without a credit card, you won’t have to worry about these fees and interest payments.

Simple Strategies to Throw Away the Credit Card

If you’re ready to throw away your credit card, here are a few simple strategies that can help:

    • Carry Cash and Debit: Instead of using a credit card, carry cash and use your debit card for purchases. This will help you to avoid any reckless spending and help to ensure you don’t spend more than you have.


    • Freeze Your Card: If you can’t trust yourself not to use your credit card, a simple solution is to freeze it by placing it in a bag of water and putting it in your freezer. This way you won’t have a need to use it, while it will still technically be active.


    • Cut it Up: If you’re ready to make a complete commitment, the best option is to cut up your card. Put it in the trash and start using cash and your debit card for purchases.


By following the above simple strategies, you’ll be able to avoid bad credit and throw away the credit card for good.

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