Ibotta for Beginners: Earn Cash for Shopping

The following beginner’s tutorial will explain how the app can help you save money if you have been reading couponing websites and have seen bargains advertised for something named Ibotta but didn’t know what it was. We offer simple instructions on how to use it.

Describe Ibotta.

For most iOS and Android devices, Ibotta is a free mobile cash-back shopping and coupon app. Customers can use Ibotta to earn cash back on a selection of products by completing quick tasks, making the purchase, and then submitting proof of purchase.

Ibotta has an advantage over other money-saving applications in that the savings it generates are in addition to the ones made possible by other couponing tactics including coupon redemption, rewards programs, coupon stacking and matching, rebates, and other money-saving apps. This makes it a crucial component of every couponer’s arsenal of money-saving tools.

Is Ibotta Difficult to Use?

It’s simple to utilize the Ibotta app. There are numerous procedures to follow in order for it to be successful, but they are easy to follow and there are clear instructions on how to use the program.

Are You Prepared to Begin?

You need a suitable device and a PayPal account in order to sign up for Ibotta. If desired over the cash alternative, customers can also accrue awards and redeem them for highlighted gift cards from particular stores.

What Ibotta’s Process Is?

Ibotta offers users numerous opportunities to earn cash back. On your mobile device, hit the Ibotta icon to launch the app. This will take you to the “Offers” section, which is where you should start.

  • Pictures of the products with offers are shown in the “Offers” section, along with a total of how much cash you can earn back for each purchase.
  • When you see a product that piques your attention, hit the “Earn $–” bar to view the actions you must carry out in order to receive the cashback after making the purchase.
  • You’ll see that there are usually multiple ways to make money from most things. You can finish one task or all of them. You will earn more money the more chores you complete.
  • Reading a fact, taking part in a fast survey, viewing a quick movie, commenting on your Facebook page, or writing a brief review of the product are a few examples of the chores.
  • The product is instantly added to your “Checklist” on the Ibotta app whenever you complete at least one activity for each product offer, allowing you to earn money for buying the item.
    The majority of the chores can be finished in a fraction of the time it takes to clip and submit a paper coupon.
  • You must then buy the items at a participating store in order to receive the cash for completing the objectives (see below).
  • You should then look through the “Store Extras” section because it contains store-specific offers. For instance, Target occasionally runs promotions that you can only access by making a Target purchase.

Evidence of Purchase

You will next need to give Ibotta the evidence of your purchases after buying the qualifying goods. Ibotta provides three ways to demonstrate that you bought particular things. The first approach requires you to touch “Redeem” at the bottom of the screen, choose the retailer from which you bought the items, and then follow the on-screen instructions for uploading a photo of your receipt and scanning the barcodes on the merchandise. Before your offers expire, you must redeem them to get the money.

By connecting your store loyalty card to the Ibotta app, you can use the second approach to have the app automatically verify what you bought. Nevertheless, not all stores accept this choice; only some do.

The third option lets you make purchases through the app or through one of Ibotta’s mobile retailers. Most of the time, the app will track these purchases for you, so you won’t need to do anything to get paid for them.

Following these procedures, Ibotta will confirm your purchase. Once you have $20 in rewards, you can either transfer the money to your PayPal account or exchange it for a gift card.

More App Features and Income Sources

Since Ibotta’s first release, more features have been introduced to increase the app’s usability and boost users’ earnings. This comprises:


The term “bonuses” refers to a technique for users to gain extra money. This is a fun area of the app because there are more bonuses to unlock the more frequently you use Ibotta. The “Bonuses” section is accessed from the Main Menu. The specifics on how to get a bonus can be found by tapping on it. You can access a new bonus after finishing one if you meet the requirements.

Buddy Bonuses

Ibotta also offers cash rewards for referring friends who sign up and create their first account. Your friend must use a link you provided to reach the signup page in order to receive these bonuses. Ibotta occasionally runs additional friend bonus programs in which you may win more cash if a certain number of your friends sign up.

Notifications of Expiration

There are two different places where the expiration dates for each deal are displayed. The expiration date is shown once an offer is activated in the “Checklist,” “Offers,” and “Stores Extras” sections. Also, a helpful “expiring” indicator will be visible for offers that are scheduled to expire in less than five days.


The Ibotta app’s ability to track your earning activity is another wonderful feature. This includes keeping track of your submitted receipts, Bonus Points, and friend invitations. By looking at your “Lifetime Earnings” under “Withdraw Cash,” you can see how much money you have made using the program overall.

Shops where Ibotta is Accepted

Ibotta is currently available in more than 300 participating businesses, among them Amazon, Target, Kroger, Walmart, and numerous others. Visit the Ibotta website to view the most recent list of stores.

Check out the Ibotta Blog for the most recent news and fresh ideas to increase your earnings if you’re already a user.

The conclusion

You can find a variety of reviews of the Ibotta app if you go through other couponing websites, but the most of them are favorable.

The several stages needed to obtain the prizes have drawn some criticism, but they can all be completed quickly, and the more you use it, the quicker you get. You could also enjoy the ability to take advantage of offers while sitting in a waiting room, at the doctor, or elsewhere.

The best part of the app is that it can significantly enhance your savings on food and other grocery-related items because many grocery stores have stopped allowing double and triple coupon redemption and have tightened their couponing standards. The program contains extremely little “gray” space; in fact, we haven’t found any. There are no tricks or complications in the process of getting your money back.

Some people seem to have trouble loading the sales receipt and scanning the bar codes, but after years of snipping the bar codes off products and mailing the receipts in for a rebate, scanning everything is simple. Also, you can now save your receipt in case you need it to redeem rewards for additional items you buy outside of the app. If you’re a procrastinator as well, you might find yourself scrambling to use my products before the discounts run out or searching through trash for bar codes. It’s ideal to finish this step as soon as possible after returning from the store.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

How does Ibotta generate revenue?

Customers can use Ibotta for free. The retailers who register as affiliates are where it gets its money from. Businesses pay Ibotta to be listed in the app, which encourages you to shop at their establishments or buy their goods.

How do I obtain the money I made with Ibotta?

On the Ibotta app, you may exchange your rewards for cash or gift cards to stores. You’ll need to link your PayPal account in order to withdraw money. Once that’s been completed, you can easily choose how much money to send to your account by going to the “Withdraw Cash” option under settings. You can choose your merchant and get the gift card digitally by email if you choose the gift cards option. Amazon, Walmart, Sephora, Target, and Starbucks are among the retailers that are offered.

How do I use Ibotta to upload my receipts?

Simply select “Redeem” on the Ibotta app to redeem your receipts. You will next receive guidelines for appropriately framing the receipt on your mobile device’s camera. You can take pieces of your snapshot if your receipt is lengthier. After taking your photos, press “Submit.” You ought to be prepared. You could be prompted by the app to verify certain items by scanning their barcodes.