Seven suggestions for making the most of Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday, is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Whether you’re buying in-person or online, this is the time of year to take advantage of the finest sales and discounts on the goods on your shopping list.

Finding the finest Black Friday prices requires starting early, whether you’re purchasing holiday gifts or items for yourself. Here are some suggestions to assist you in making the most of the abundance of discounts.

Main Points
Plan your Black Friday shopping day around the advertising to increase the likelihood that you’ll find the things you want.
If there is something you really want, it could be a good idea to buy it as soon as a discount is revealed since many merchants start offering Black Friday offers weeks in advance.
Consider signing up for emails from your favorite retailers and brands so that you are informed as soon as a deal becomes available.
To assist you in choosing where to shop, research the return and price-matching policies beforehand.

Examine the apps and ads

You have plenty of time to start searching for the greatest bargains because many stores start distributing their Black Friday ads weeks before the actual shopping day.

You may plan your day to save time while taking advantage of early bargains by looking through the ads early. Learn when businesses require you to be in the store or online at specified times as part of outlining your strategy. The retailer’s advertisement is probably available online, on their mobile app, and in your Sunday newspaper if you choose to read it in print.

For early access to promotions, such as discounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, download the mobile app. Push notifications are provided by some retail apps, providing you with immediate sales alerts. Some even assist you in choosing the optimal parking spot or shopping path.

To stay updated on deals as they become available, you can also sign up for shops’ email lists or follow them on social media.

Make sure you’re receiving the greatest deal by comparing costs, especially for more expensive items where the savings might be substantial. To help you locate the best deal, you can utilize price comparison apps like RedLaser and ShopSavvy, which both gather pricing data from numerous merchants.

Apps can be used to research pricing in advance or while you are at the store making purchases. You might wish to inquire about a potential price match if you are in one store and discover a lower price from another merchant.

Make thorough research before Friday.

To avoid being caught off guard by the quality of the things you wish to purchase, read reviews of various companies as you come across them. Find out what is popular this season so you can anticipate what will be more difficult to obtain. In this manner, you can order them.

You may distinguish between a promotion for a substantial markdown and one for a slight discount by knowing the original cost of the products.


That as prices rise as a result of inflation, retailers may end up offering fewer promotions.

Examine each retailer’s return and exchange guidelines before making a purchase. Recognize the things you can return, the time frame for returns (some merchants prolong their return policies around the holidays), and whether a receipt is required. Additionally, you should find out if you can return the items for cash or if you must obtain gift cards or shop credit.

Find out whether you may return the item to a real store or if you must mail it in if you intend to shop online. If you have any reservations about purchasing the item, you might want to stay away from stores with severe return policies.

Retailers frequently offer big discounts on other days throughout the Christmas season in addition to Black Friday.

  • Small Business Saturday: The day following Black Friday is dedicated to promoting independent, neighborhood stores.
  • Cyber Monday: The Monday following Thanksgiving is dedicated to internet sales.
  • Green Monday: A significant online shopping day occurs on the second Monday in December.

Look for discounts for early birds.

Since many businesses offer early-bird deals, you don’t have to wait until Black Friday to benefit from the flurry of discounts. Even if you can’t avoid the crowds, you might be able to finish all of your “Black Friday” shopping before Thanksgiving.

If the merchant runs out of stock as a result of inventory shortages or higher-than-anticipated demand, getting started early will increase your chances of receiving your purchases on time.

Throughout November and December, you can anticipate that stores will promote various sales, so pay close attention to how much your favorite things are changing in price. Deals might only be available for a certain day or time, and things might sell out fast.

Plan your shopping destinations.

Having a plan will help you take advantage of Black Friday, whether you plan to conduct the majority of your shopping in-person, online, or a combination of the two.

Consider making the popular things of the season your top priority while shopping because they can sell out quickly. To get first dibs on your must-have things, such as headphones, technology, shoes, and more, you might need to be in line when the doors open. Plan your day according to the sales you want to catch since some stores have set hours for sales.

To find out ahead of time if the item is available, check the store’s website or mobile app. To save you time, some stores even list the exact position of each item inside the store.

Verify the address and whether the businesses you want to visit are still open. Since your last visit, some stores might have relocated or closed.

Visit the center’s website in advance if you are unsure of where a store is situated in a mall or shopping complex. You won’t have to waste time circling the parking lot and reading signs because you’ll know where to park this way. Use a parking app to find (and pay for when it’s necessary) parking, depending on where you want to do your shopping.

If the retailer provides curbside or store pickup, you can also use it. By doing so, you can avoid crowded stores and difficult parking.

Prepare Yourself by Requesting Price Matches

Many merchants offer price matching, which entails reducing their quoted price to coincide with that of a rival. Price matching gives you the opportunity to purchase an item at your preferred retailer for the lowest price or to purchase an item that has sold out at a store that has a lower-priced advertisement.

Find out the store’s price-matching policy in advance so you won’t be caught off guard if they don’t. For instance, Best Buy provides a “price match guarantee” for items that exactly match, are instantly available at the other shop, and are not on their exclusion list. 1

You will normally need to provide evidence that you can receive a lower price on the same item when requesting a price match, such as a print ad or a screenshot of a rival’s deal. To receive the best deal, every aspect of the products—including size, model, and even color—must be identical.

While some stores match prices with online competitors, others may have a specified list of rivals they will match prices with. Some merchants may not include Black Friday or other early-bird offers in their price-match assurances.

To request gift receipts

Gift receipts make it simpler for the recipient of your gift to exchange or return the item. They often do not include the price, only a description of the purchase.

For both in-person and online transactions, you can ask for a gift receipt so that your loved one can easily replace or return the item. Even after your purchase, some companies, like Amazon, make gift receipts accessible online or through their apps.

On Black Friday, use caution while paying with a credit card.
A purchase protection plan, an extended warranty, or rewards points may be available when using your credit card. However, use caution while using credit excessively. High credit card balances may require more time to pay off, which could result in higher interest costs.

Create a list and a budget in advance, and as you go through your list, keep an eye on your balance. Some card issuers have apps that make it simple to keep tabs on your spending while you buy. Real-time balance and credit availability checks will be possible.

Be cautious because the season’s steep discounts could lead you to make impulsive purchases. But keep in mind that spending cash you hadn’t intended to isn’t actually “saving.”

Finally, even if you think you got a fantastic deal on anything, don’t be afraid to return it. By returning impulsive purchases to the merchant, you can reduce the balance on your credit card. You have a little bit extra time to make your return if you shop at a store that offers extended return policies.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

What makes it “Black Friday”?

The day after Thanksgiving was initially referred to as “Black Friday” by police in Philadelphia to describe the commotion caused by visitors arriving in the city to do their holiday shopping. Then, in the 1980s, shops began using the phrase to define Black Friday as the day that their bottom lines finally turned a profit for the year, moving from the negative to the positive. 3

When do the first Black Friday advertisements appear?

Black Friday ads are shared by some retailers as early as October. Expect to see advertisements released on a regular basis throughout November, with some deals beginning in the days before Black Friday.


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