Twelve Side Jobs to Reduce Your Debt

Your finances might be severely impacted by debt.

You’re not the only one who is attempting to figure out how to pay off debt. According to a recent UBS survey, 52% of people anxious about defaulting on a loan in the coming year are between the ages of 21 and 34, according to Business Insider.

How then can you free yourself from debt and improve your financial situation?

Increasing your income is one of the best strategies. The following 12 side businesses can help you earn the money you need to pay off debt and establish a strong financial foundation:

1. A ride-hailing driver

Probably Uber or Lyft are how you get around. Why not work as a driver for these firms?

Clean vehicle, current registration and license, and you’re ready to go. A DMV check and a background check are also requirements.

How much money can you make? Depending on the demand in your area, driving just 10 hours a week could earn you $200 or more.

2. Vehicle Wrap Promotion

You may make money advertising if you’re willing to wrap your automobile in vinyl and drive around town. Options include Autowrapped, Pay Me for Driving, and Carvertise.

What you need to get started: A modern car in good condition that is typically less ten years old. For best benefits, you must drive frequently or have a lengthy commute.

How much money can you make? You can make between $100 and $500 each month when you drive normally, depending on the region.

TaskRabbit, third

Are you prepared to run to the supermarket, fix a faucet, or fold some t-shirts? If so, you can join TaskRabbit and take on side jobs.

What you need before beginning: live in one of the TaskRabbit-affiliated metropolitan areas and pass a background check.

How much money can you make? The hourly wage is decided by the taskers. You might charge $20 or more per hour, depending on your degree of expertise and the kinds of work you do. Some highly skilled Taskers bill up to $150 per hour.

Four. Airbnb

To earn money as a host, you don’t need to rent out your entire home. You can make money if you are willing to rent out a room.

A place for visitors to stay is what you need to begin going. Also, make a strategy to tidy the area after each visitor leaves. Establish an access procedure that includes a key drop.

How much money can you make? You may earn $50 to $150 each night or more, depending on where you live and how frequently visitors come to your area. When you sign up, Airbnb makes an estimation of your prospective revenue.

5. Instruction

Do you excel in the classroom? Can you teach others what you know? Aid pupils in learning their material from elementary school through college.

What you need to get started: Proficiency in a specialist field. You could need a degree in that field depending on the educational background of your prospective students.

How much money can you make? Tutors often make between $10 and $75 per hour, depending on the student’s grade level and your own qualifications.

6. Conduct Music Classes

provide music joy to others. Many individuals of all ages are eager to learn a new skill, and you may assist them.

To begin started, you must be proficient in the instrument you want to teach. Find system-based instruction manuals by going to a music store. This makes it simpler to aid in your pupils’ development.

How much money can you make? A 30-minute music instruction frequently costs $20 or $30.

7. Freelance work

You can do freelance work as a side gig to supplement your income if you have a skill like writing, coding, or graphic design.

To get started, you’ll need to be an expert in your field and have a portfolio of your previous work. Often, a website is an excellent place to start. These kinds of jobs can be challenging to get at first, so websites like or can be useful starting points.

How much money can you make? Depending on your degree of expertise, you could earn $20–$50 or more per hour.

8. Images in Stock

Do you enjoy taking photos? You can register with a stock photography website, such as iStockPhoto or ShutterStock, and sell your images based on usage.

What you need to get started: Having a digital SLR camera is helpful. Looking for microstock websites is a good place to start because it can be challenging to get your photographs authorized at larger sites.

How much money can you make? On average, you keep 15% to 50% of the sales. Your chances are better the more photographs you provide.

9. Market Online for Other People

If you’re tech aware but know some people who aren’t, you can post their stuff on eBay on their behalf.

What you need before beginning: a Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, or Shopify online store account. Possibility of taking and uploading photos, as well as shipping management.

How much money can you make? The typical commission claim is from 15% to 20% of the item’s sale price.

Yard Sale Flipper, No.

You can uncover your own gems and earn money by selling them online. To identify potential products and sell them for a profit, visit yard sales.

What you need before beginning: Account for online selling. finding products that will be in demand.

How much money can you make? During a weekend of yard sale shopping, you might be able to make $100 or more, depending on the products you discover to sell and how successfully you market them.

11. Virtual Helper

From the comfort of your home, manage email, social media, scheduling, and even phone calls.

An effective internet connection, a phone with a headset, and a computer are required to get started. both strong organizational and communication skills.

How much money can you make? Depending on your degree of expertise, virtual assistants in the US can make $15 or more per hour. Some virtual assistants for executives earn $50 or more per hour.

12. Market plants

Starter plants can be sold online after being grown from seed in your own backyard.

Seeds and a green thumb are the two things you need to get started. Growing plants that are difficult to find in nurseries is advantageous. A seller’s account on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or another website is also required.

How much money can you make? When you are able to grow, you can earn $150 to $500 per month or more. Plants can be a reliable source of income if you live somewhere with temperate weather (or have access to a greenhouse) and can grow seedlings all year long.