What Is the Price of a Legal Name Change?

Your name is not indestructible. You might decide to legally change it at any point in your life. You will need to submit some papers and pay a charge if you choose to do this. Your location will determine how much it costs. We’ll address typical queries and offer some guidance to help the process along below.

What Is the Price of a Legal Name Change?

If you decide to change your name, you might have to pay a number of fees, and those prices will differ based on the state or county you’re in. If a friend is doing the same thing in a neighboring state, you might find that your fees are greater or lower.

However, it’s likely that you’ll have to pay anything between $50 and perhaps even $500 to get your name changed. For the following reasons, you might need to pay some standard fees:

  • Court document
  • Authorized copy
  • Publication notice
  • Preparing a lawyer or internet service
  • Notice of name change on birth certificate

Between states, the procedure for changing a name differs greatly.

The Price of Changing Your Social Security Name

If you were married, got divorced, were subject to a court order, or changed your name for any other reason, the Social Security Administration won’t charge you to do so. Simply complete the Application for a Social Security Card form, which is available online or in your neighborhood Social Security office.

You will be required to fill out the form with your entire name as it appeared at birth, your present name, and any previous names you may have had. After completing the form, you have two options for submitting it. You can mail the form to the Social Security Administration or visit a Social Security office with it and a valid government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, to establish your identification.

You will also need to present original copies of any documents that show your new name, in addition to the form and your ID. These could be a divorce decree, marriage certificate, naturalization certificate for the United States, or court order approving a name change.

You’ll get a free Social Security Card with your new name after the Social Security Administration has all it requires from you.

Costs of Legal Name Change by State

As previously mentioned, the price to change your name is based on your residence. The procedure you must go through may be influenced by the reason you wish to alter your name. For instance, it will be significantly easier to change your name in California because you were married rather than after a divorce or gender transition.

If you were married in Hawaii and your marriage certificate specifies that you will take your spouse’s name, you won’t need to undergo a name change if you now reside there. If your divorce order specifies that you’ll resume using your maiden name or another name you previously had, you can also skip the procedure.

You should expect to pay $435 in California to change your name. On the other hand, if you reside in Hawaii, you may get this done for just $55.

How to Handle the Name Change Process

Fortunately, it might be possible for you to rename yourself with little effort and little price. When seeking a name change, use these advice to reduce time, expense, and difficulties.

Think about using a name-change service.

You might want to consider using a paid name-change service, such as: if you have a hectic schedule and lack the time to complete the name-change process on your own.

  • HitchSwitch: If you recently got married and wish to alter your name, HitchSwitch’s services can make sense.
  • MissNowMrs: If you’re a newlywed who needs assistance changing your name, MissNowMrs is a possibility and is comparable to HitchSwitch.

Request a waiver of the court filing fee.

You might be eligible for a fee waiver if you are unable to pay the filing fee required by the court to change your name. You can ask the court to waive this right in In Forma Pauperis. It will often only be given if you satisfy one of the following requirements:

  • You are qualified for government support.
  • Your household’s income is at or below the federal government’s definition of poverty, which is now 125%.
  • You can demonstrate that you lack the resources to pay the filing fee.

You should make sure that any trusts, wills, or other legal papers you have are amended to reflect your new name.

Inform the Proper Parties

After changing your name, there are some people you should inform right away. First and foremost, notify the Social Security Administration of your change of name and obtain a new Social Security card. Additionally, you might want to inform the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state as well as your bank or any other financial institutions you use.

In addition, let them know your new name by:

  • Voter registration IRS
  • Your company
  • Insurance providers you use
  • your physicians
  • Your mortgage lender or landlord
  • Your utility providers

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